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Josephine Coyle

Human Givens Therapist

Josephine is a fully-qualified and registered Human Givens Therapist. She is passionate about Human Givens which it is a positive approach and effective solution-focused support, helps people to become comfortable living the lifestyle of their choice.

Josephine Coyle.jpg

Human Givens Therapist

Josephine has over 10 years of experience in assisting people with personal difficulties. By building raport, empathizing and connecting with individuals, she looks for what is missing in people's lives and works towads enabling their needs to be met. Her approach allows for a sustained effect on motivating people to widen their life view, raise their self-esteem and solve problems. Assisting elderly clients to deal with change and ageing is an important aspect of Josephine's work as a Human Givens Therapist.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Givens Therapy

Professional Memberships
  • Human Givens Institute (MHGI)

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