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Terms & Conditions

I consent to my information being held by PsyMentalHealth for the duration of my attendance of therapy, and that said information will be held by PsyMentalHealth for a period of no longer than five years after my final counselling session with PsyMentalHealth.

I understand that my information will not be given to third parties and only used within a counselling context.

I understand that I am responsible for ensuring the protection of my data in relation to counselling by securing my own device, and through the use of anti-virus and firewall software, and removing the content of instant chat sessions on the devices I use for online counselling sessions.

We use multiple platforms for our online therapy sessions depending on the therapist & client's preference always guaranteeing the security & privacy using end-to-end encryption.

I understand that no audio/visual recording of sessions is permitted.

I agree be contacted via email/phone for service feedback on completion of counselling with PsyMentalHealth.

I agree to be contacted via email/phone with any information that might be relevant.

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